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Troop 7 Background
History of Troop 7 

Troop 7 has been chartered by the Men of the Medford First United Methodist Church since its formation in 1926 and the Church at 607 West Main in Medford has been our only home.  We have served the needs of boys from within the Church Family and from the community as a whole for nearly 90 years.  In that time, we have seen over 100 young men receive the Rank of Eagle Scout . . . the highest achievement in Scouting.

Troop 7 Program

         •  Our Program is "Boy Run"
         •  Our Structure is Based on the "Patrol Method"
         •  We Teach Outdoor Skills through the Promotion of the Camping Program
         •  We Teach Values through Community Service, Advancement and Leadership Programs
         •  We Stress the Importance of Well Trained Boy Leaders
         •  We Encourage Strong Support from Parents and Adults
         •  We Stress the Importance of Well Trained Adult Leaders   

Troop 7 Traditions 

Our Troop is rich with traditions some from the past, some of which have been a part of the Troop for many years . . . and some that are just now beginning to develop. 

Troop 7 plans participation in at least one Boy Scout Summer Camp every year. Traditionally, during the final Troop campfire at summer camp, the Scouts choose, by vote,  the next year's camp destination.  

Another important past tradition involved our Patrol structure.  For years, the Frog Patrol was the oldest continuing Patrol in Troop 7.  As older members of other patrols attained the rank of Star and Life, they retired their Patrol Flag and graduated into the Frog Patrol. 

Patrols plan outings for themselves that meet the needs of the individual scouts in their Patrol.  However, each Patrol is also responsible for planning and sponsoring outings for the Troop as a whole.


Although the Troop is "boy run", Troop 7 relies heavily on adults to support the plans and program initiated by the Boy Leaders within the Troop.  Adults serve as Assistant Scoutmasters, Committee Members, Patrol Advisors and Merit Badge Counselors.  They also help out with fund raising and transportation.  Like other youth programs, much of the success of our Troop can be attributed to the strong leadership and mentoring of our Adult Volunteers.  Like other youth activities, much of the success of an individual scout depends on the level of support they enjoy at home.  
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