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Welcome to Troop 7

Meeting Place: At the Medford First United Methodist Church, 607 West Main.  Scouts meet in the Fellowship Hall accessed from the parking lots on the south side of the building.

Meeting Time: First Monday of the Month is TLC (Troop Leadership Council) 7:00 - 8:00 PM Other Regular Meetings 7:00 - 8:30 PM (Troop 7 observes most School Holidays)

Joining Requirements: The boy must be 11 years old, OR completed the fifth grade, OR earned the “Arrow of Light” as a Webelos Scout. The boy and his parents must also complete a Boy Scout application.

Annual Troop Dues: $96.00 paid in November to cover costs for the following year.  Midyear dues are $8.00 per month for new scouts. Adult Registrations are $40.

Scout Uniform: Scouts in Troop 7 are expected to wear a Scout Shirt complete with all the patches and emblems outlined in the Scout Handbook.  Scouts are highly encouraged but not required to have a full uniform including scout pants, belt, socks etc. Uniforms are available at the Scout Office at 3039 Hanley Road, Central Point (664-1444)

Scout Handbook: The Boy Scout Handbook is the “bible” for scouting.  It explains most everything about the scouting program necessary for a successful scouting experience.  The scout is expected to bring his Scout Book to all scout meetings and events.

Activities: Troop 7 plans activities, outings and service projects throughout the year. The intent is to offer a program with sufficient opportunities for the scouts to develop scouting skills, leadership qualities and a commitment to service to others.

Leadership: The Boy Scouting program is designed to be run by the boys themselves with the support and guidance of adult leadership.  The scouts in leadership positions (TLC) are expected to plan activities that promote scouting ideals and give scouts opportunities for advancement through scouting.

Advancement: If new scouts take part in most of the activities offered by the Troop, they should advance through the Tenderfoot, 2nd Class and 1st Class ranks in their first year or year and a half.  Scouting recommends this guideline because as the scouts get older they often have less time available for learning basic scouting skills.  New scouts will receive individual help with requirements for Tenderfoot and 2nd Class ranks, but as scouts move on to 1st Class rank, they should be taking more responsibility for their own advancement. Regular attendance is important for scouts to advance.  Scouts working toward the Eagle Rank should consider setting age 15 or 16 as a goal for their Eagle Project.

Behavior: Safety issues are becoming increasingly important to all parents. Part of the scouting experience is encouraging high ideals in the boys. Older scouts and adult leaders are expected to set the example for the Troop. Discipline problems have rarely been a problem in Troop 7, because we do not tolerate mean-spiritedness or overtly aggressive behavior. Inappropriate physical contact is not allowed. Boys exhibiting unscoutlike behavior will be asked to leave until such a time that they can live by the standards set by scouting.

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