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Scoutmaster Conference
Board of Review
Because there are fundamental differences between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts in the way that ranks are awarded, please go over the following steps with your Scout.

Scouts must print a copy of the "Advancement Tracking Form" (found here) to use as they complete each step toward scheduling a Board of Review.
1) Complete each of the requirements for the desired rank.  Basic Scout skills are most effectively learned and mastered on outings.  We encourage leaders, both youth and adult,  to schedule time on each outing to work on these skills.  (Patrol Leaders must keep the Advancement Chair informed of Patrol outings and activities so that participation records are kept up to date.)  

2) Be sure that an Adult Leader has confirmed that the skill has been mastered.  This may require that the Scout demonstrate or re-demonstrate the skill to the Adult Leader. 

3) The Adult Leader will then record completion of the skill in the back of the Boy’s Scout Handbook.  This is why it is important for the Scout to have his Scout Handbook with him at all meetings and on all outings.  (Parents may not record completion of scouting skills for their own Scout) 

4) Contact the Advancement Chair to confirm that the Scout’s record in his Scout Handbook agrees with the official Troop Advancement Records. 

5) Schedule a Scoutmaster Conference. Boys, not adults, are responsible for letting the Scoutmaster know they are ready for advancement and would like to schedule a Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review.
SCOUTMASTER CONFERENCE   (Scheduled at least a week before a Board of Review)
After all requirements have been completed and initialed by a Adult Leader, the Scout will participate in a Scoutmaster Conference.  The purpose of this conference is to confirm that requirements have been met and that the Scout is ready for the Board of Review.  However, this conference is also an opportunity to identify areas where the Scout may need additional help.  The Scout has a chance to talk about the impact that the Scouting Program has had on his life. If during the Scoutmaster Conference it becomes apparent that the Scout has not prepared properly for the Review Process, the Scout will be given additional time to prepare for the next step.
BOARD OF REVIEW  (Scheduled at least a week before a Court of Honor)
Finally, the Scout will appear before a Board of Review conducted by 3 or 4 Adult members of the Troop Committee.  This Board makes the final decision in awarding Ranks.  The review process in not intended as a test of the Scout’s ability.  Instead, it is meant to check the Scout’s progress.  However, the board might ask general questions about specific activities in the Troop, so be sure your Scout is prepared to talk about his Scouting career.  Scouts must present themselves at the Board of Review in Uniform with their Scout Handbook.
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