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Leadership Position Goals
 Senior Patrol Leader    (SPL)
¨ Conduct 5 TLC Meetings
¨ Make Weekly Reminder Calls to Patrol Leaders (With ASPL)
¨ Track Honor Patrol
¨ Plan 2 All Troop Activities
¨ Lead 80% of Monday Night Meetings
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader   (ASPL)
¨ Conduct 1 TLC Meeting
¨ Make Weekly Reminder Calls to Patrol Leaders (With SPL)
¨ Help Track Honor Patrol
¨ Lead 20% of Monday Night Meetings
Patrol Leader    (PL)
¨ Make Monthly Reports to TLC
¨ Conduct Weekly Patrol Meetings
¨ Make Weekly Reminder Calls to Patrol Members
¨ Plan 2 Patrol Outings
¨ Record Patrol Attendance in Patrol Notebook
¨ Record Reports from Patrol Leaders and Officers at TLC
¨ Fill Out Monthly Planner and Submit to Adult Leadership
¨ Display Weekly Planner at Meetings
¨ Complete a Complete Inventory of Troop Equipment and Report Needs to TLC
¨ Replenish Supplies after each Outing
Troop Historian
¨ Document Troop and Patrol Outings and Report to TLC
¨ Produce Poster Boards or Computer Media Presentations for 2 Courts of Honor
¨ Inventory all Troop Books and Report Needs to TLC
¨ Organize, Label and Maintain a Troop Library System
Chaplain Aide
¨ Open and Close all Troop Meetings with a Prayer or Meditation
¨ Present an Inspirational Reading at 2 Courts of Honor
Troop Guide
¨ Help at Least 1 Scout Advance 1 Full Rank
¨ Mentor a Patrol Leader from a Younger Patrol
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