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TLC Responsibilities
Promote Scout Spirit

               Set a good example for scouts in the Troop

               Wear the uniform correctly

               Live by Scout Law and Scout Oath

               Encourage participation by all scouts

               Encourage teamwork within the troop

Promote Rank Advancement

               Plan activities and outings that lead to advancement

               Encourage participation in Merit Badge Workshops

               Plan community service opportunities

               Encourage leadership skills

Promote Scouting Skills

               Plan skill instruction into activities and outings

               Plan skill instruction into Monday Night meetings

               Provide the leadership for skill instruction of younger scouts

Promote Personal Development of Individual Scouts

               Plan activities that help scouts discover their talents

               Plan activities that develop physical fitness (games, hikes, etc.)

               Plan activities that give opportunities for leadership

               Encourage spiritual development

               Encourage educational experiences that develop the Scout's mental abilities

               Plan activities that satisfy the Scout's need for adventure
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