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Troop Leadership Positions
Senior Patrol Leader     (SPL)
The SPL is in charge of Troop meetings, TLC meetings and is in charge of Scouts on outings. He works with the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters to ensure activities are done safely and constructively.  He also delegates duties and responsibilities to other Scouts.  The SPL helps the Troop achieve its goals.
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader     (ASPL)
The ASPL assists the SPL in the execution of his duties and responsibilities and assumes the SPL position if the SPL is not present.

Patrol Leader     (PL)
The Patrol Leader is in charge of his Patrol and represents his Patrol at TLC meetings.  He helps the Patrol plan together and learns together.  He inspires his Patrol to bring out their best.  He carriers out duties and responsibilities delegated to him by the SPL and ASPL.  The Patrol Leader finds ways to help each Patrol member to make progress in Scouting.  He encourages the members of his Patrol to share in the responsibilities of the Patrol.  

Assistant Patrol Leader     (APL)
The Assistant Patrol Leader assists the Patrol Leader in the execution of his duties and responsibilities and assumes the Patrol Leader position if the Patrol Leader is not present.

Quarter Master
The Quartermaster is in charge of the care and maintenance of all Troop 7's equipment.  He ensures the equipment is available for each outing and that it is returned in good condition at the end of each outing.  He ensures that all equipment is stored in its proper place and reports all shortages to the SPL and Scoutmaster.   

The Scribe will record roll call at each meeting.  He will also take notes at the TLC meetings and give a copy to the Scoutmaster and SPL.   A copy will also be posted on the bulletin board.  The Scribe will make the chalk board entries at the meetings.  He will also assist the Scoutmaster and SPL whenever a scribe is required.   

Troop Historian  
The Troop Historian will record outings taken by Troop 7 in words and pictures.  He will note date, times and places of Troop 7 activities.  He will maintain these records until he hands them over to the next Troop Historian.  He will make any other historical records required by the Scoutmaster or the SPL.

The Troop Librarian will maintain Troop 7's merit badge books and other books and records.  He will hand out books and record who has borrowed books.  He will assist Scouts in the search for Troop library information.

Chaplain Aide
The Chaplain Aide will give the Troop prayers and benedictions at Troop meetings and outings.  He should be an example to the Troop.

Troop Guide
The Troop Guide will help to inspire Scouts to make progress in Scouting. He will assist Scouts in the achievement of Scouting goals.  He will assist the other Scout leaders in the guidance of the Scouts.  He will look for those Scouts that need guidance and instruction and then do his best to help.  
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